It is with pleasure that I write this letter and recommend Accounts Payable Chexs Inc.

On behalf of our team, I would like to express my appreciation for the work completed and professionalism of your team.

Accounts Payable Chexs Inc. was contracted by our company to review the efficiency and accuracy of invoice processing and accounts payable disbursements for calendar years 2015 and 2016. The objective of the work was to review transactions for duplicate payments, payments to wrong vendors, invoice errors, credits not claimed, currency errors, p-card duplicates, vendor credits, control weaknesses, and opportunities for operational efficiencies. Given the size and complexity of our operations, I am very pleased with the comprehensive analysis provided and also the efficiency with which Accounts Payable Chexs Inc. completed with their work.

Accounts Payable Chexs Inc. also benchmarked our Accounts Payable team with other Canadian and US Corporations and provided additional insight of our strengths and ranking in comparison to our industry peers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Account Payable Chexs Inc. for any accounts payable review and recovery services.

— GOVERNMENT COMPANY, October 26, 2017

Our company’s engagement with AP Chexs commenced in 2015 and included the “Accounts Payable and Commodity Tax”, and “Vendor Credit Recovery”. The outcome from this work identified numerous credit findings, which resulted in payments to our company. There were also numerous duplicates identified and errors that resulted in additional findings that our company was able to realize.

In 2017 our company added a new scope of work, which focused on Contract Compliance. The primary lead on this project was able to work through vast amounts of data and present insights with recommendations to management. We were pleased with his performance and his quality of work was beyond reproach. Each of the employees or associates of AP Chexs had substantial experience in their respective fields and were capable of working within the intricacies of our company and navigating supplier conversations aligned to business unit preferences.

The main benefit that I personally experienced, was that I was able to trust AP Chexs, to own the analysis that my team was not able to get to. I would not hesitate to recommend AP Chexs to other organizations who are considering AP Chexs.

— FINANCIAL COMPANY, August 27, 2018

On behalf of the procurement team at our company, it is with pleasure that we recommend Accounts Payable Chexs Inc.

Accounts Payable Chexs Inc. was contracted to perform an accounts payable review. The review included duplicate payment, overpayment, payment to incorrect vendor, unrecorded tax credit, vendor credit, control weakness and opportunity for operational efficiency.

The AP Chexs Inc. team was extremely knowledgeable and efficient in the conduct of the review and recovery process. They executed it in a collaborative but independent manner with little oversight. They were professional, diligent and persistent in their recovery services.

Our company has engaged AP Chexs Inc. three times to date and we would highly recommend AP Chexs Inc. for recovery services or accounts payable reviews.

— PIPELINE COMPANY, May 29, 2017

Our company has been utilizing the services of Accounts Payable Chexs Inc. to perform a variety of services since July 2003. During this time we have had John Chyzyk and his staff preform Accounts Payable Recovery Audits, Commodity Tax Recovery, Customs and Brokerage Fee review and Contract Compliance Auditing.

We have consistently found AP Chexs Inc.’s staff to be professional, knowledgeable and able to conduct audit services with minimal oversight and follow-up. All staff utilized has had years of experience in their field and the maturity to match which I believe has ensured that all business is conducted in a fair and professional matter.

AP Chexs Inc. has consistently provided positive returns to our company. They have utilized software processes that help ensure effective identification of overpayments that are brought to our attention in a timely manner. This has facilitated a high rate of recovery of overpayments to our vendors and tax authorities.

I recommend AP Chexs Inc. to any organization with a significant amount of payables.


Accounts Payable Chexs Inc. was contracted to review our payables to find efficiencies and recover monies in areas including, but not restricted to duplicate payments, overpayments and vendor credits. During the project we found the team to be extremely knowledgeable and efficient in the process of recoveries. Not only did they find savings, we were also presented with some valuable recommendations for process improvements.

It is with pleasure that I write to recommend AP Chexs Inc. On behalf of my group, I would like to commend the dedication, sincerity and professionalism of the AP Chexs Inc. team under the leadership of John Chyzyk.

— PIPELINE COMPANY, November 24, 2015

This letter is to introduce Messrs. John Chyzyk and Eric Luikens and their firm AP Chexs Inc., a leading Accounts Payable consulting firm that performs recovery audit reviews throughout the world for our company. Messrs. Chyzyk and Luikens and their team are extremely professional, diligent and persistent in their recovery services to ensure that the maximum return is obtained during the audit. Our company has worked with AP Chexs Inc. for several years and the firm is our preferred provider in the AP recovery space.

Our audits are staffed with well-seasoned and extremely knowledgable auditors that worked independently and helped recover funds for the company with little oversight. Their team makes the process very simple and when they arrive on sight they are hitting the ground running. The auditors produced high quality and hard to find recoveries. They also assisted us with enhancing our internal process to help safeguard against future leakage.

If you are considering a recovery audit, I highly recommend AP Chexs.