There are many different firms that specialize in post-audit reviews. Most concentrate on tax-based recoveries. Using best-in-class auditing systems and experience auditors AP Chexs looks at ALL transactions going back 4 years:

  • vendors
  • contracts
  • capital expenditures
  • service agreements
  • freight payments
  • currency exchange
  • Federal & Provincial tax accounts and foreign tax accounts

Providing clients with the ultimate in recoveries, AP Chexs captures unnoticed, and thus unclaimed past profits, and reimburses them to the bottom-line before they are forever lost. AP Chexs believes each and every recovery merits the most complete observations, explanations and recommendations for improvement, this allows clients the opportunity to immediately tighten their internal controls.

AP Chexs exclusively selects skilled and experienced reviewers who are designated C.M.A., C.G.A., C.P.A., and C.A. accounting professionals, all former CFOs, VPs of Finance or Corporate Controllers of major corporations, each with a strict minimum 15 years experience. Our marketing philosophy is based on local availability, low-key yet impeccable organization, and rigorous follow-up. We are not financially rewarded by the hour, week or month. We get paid when you get paid! AP Chexs is confident its reviewers will recover between 2 to 11 times more than its predecessors.

AP Chexs maximizes your profit recoveries each and every time because we have the utmost motivation to perform only the most thorough review available anywhere. Our growing reputation among very satisfied clients across Canada gives AP Chexs the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and high tech expertise to establish international contacts in the USA and Europe.

Bombardier | CP Rail | Kruger | Ultramar | Allianz Madvac | Ensign | Kinecor | CanWel | Ledcor | Telus

Your firm can only benefit by choosing AP Chexs, the ultimate internal control mechanism providing rigorous transparent execution and real world results!